Wow. I just got finished reading this book and I’m already pumped to read it again. That’s how good it was. It is literally chock-full of great insights, tips, and ready-to-use tactics. I was originally introduced to the author, John Jantsch, through his other popular book, Duct Tape Marketing, which is another great read.  But I really feel like Jantsch knocked it out of the park with The Referral Engine, especially given the importance of referrals these days.  After getting charged up with contents of this book, I would like to share some the ideas and put them in to context within the photography industry.

The book starts off with a stellar illustration of a very simple way that you can create word of mouth buzz, which can easily lead to referrals.  To summarize, one night the author and his wife went to an outdoor gear sale at REI, where his wife ended up finding a jacket she liked and bought it.  A few weeks later, on her way to an outdoor event, she chose to sport her newly acquired coat.  As she went out the door she reached into the jacket pocket, she found a little slip of paper.

Expecting something along the lines of “Inspected by #48″ she was surprised to find something different.  The note read: “You are a goddess!”  That simple, unexpected message made her day and ultimately led her (and her husband) to talk about the jacket and company to any who would listen.

What a simple, yet very powerful example of how you can easily you can WOW your customers through a small act of unexpected kindness.  What are some ways you could do the same for your photography clients? 

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