Three Secrets To More Impressive Photo Prints

You have, in your possession, professional photographs that capture specific moments in time, snapshots of your life. Now while they look great on the computer screen, they look even better printed out and displayed in your home or office.

How come?

Well, because when you print them out and display them in your home they become key points of interest. They’re like magnets that instinctively attract people to them.

Ever noticed how when you enter someone’s home you naturally gravitate towards the wall with all the family photos? That’s because they provide context and insight into that particular family. They can also conjure up a sea of memories along with them.


But what’s the difference between sending a picture via email vs. receiving a picture print in the mail? To be frank, it’s a HUGE difference. And if you are like 98.3% of people out there, the picture print leaves a stronger, deeper impression on you.

Call me old-school but there is something magical about a photo print. And I want to help you capture that feeling and share it with those who come to your home.

Let me share a few key secrets from someone who has printed tens of thousands of pictures…

  1. Not All Photo Prints Are The Same. Nope, not even close! The difference between a picture print from a professional photo lab and your local Wal-Mart or Walgreens is massive. Almost all of us have experienced the excitement of picking up your photo prints only to feel the crushing letdown when you see that the pictures don’t look like they did on the computer screen. Some are a little too green or a little too red, while others simply look dull or faded.One of the biggest differences in printing through a professional photo lab is color accuracy. You’ve paid for high-quality, professional pictures so don’t forfeit all of that on some cheap prints! It’s simply not worth it. That’s why we personally have tested out dozens of different photo labs and hand-selected the right ones to work with. On top of that, we have color-calibrated our computers to their printers ensuring that the pictures look just like what was shown on the computer screen.
  2. Touch-Ups & Editing. The second secret to more impressive picture prints is the ability to fine-tune the digital image before sending it to the photo lab. Now, I’m not talking about adding a silly border or a “Happy Birthday” headline on there. But real, experienced editing to remove unwanted background items or facial blemishes so that the focus is where it should be: on the subjects (and not on the bright green garbage can in the background).This is why whenever you order a photo print through us, we go through and edit each individual image in photoshop, creating a cleaner, enhanced picture for you to display.
  3. Options & Expertise. Because each picture is uniquely different, some are going to look better when printed on a different paper. For example, a photograph of a family reunion with lots of people and where details are imporant will generally come out sharper on a semi-gloss or glossy paper. A photograph that is going to be displayed “naked” (not behind glass or plastic) where reflections can be an issue will be better suited to a matte paper.

Understanding the use and application of each picture coupled with the capability to process those images accordingly is what makes us so unique.  And you’re not going to get that at Wal-Mart. But with us, you will.

Bottom line: if you want high-quality, color-accurate prints on the right photo paper to display in your home or office, then order your prints through us so that they can turn out exactly how they are supposed to be.



Good news. We just made it easier for you.

When ordering prints through us, you will receive:

  • color-accurate prints thanks to our precision-calibration 
  • complimentary, quick-pass touch ups for every single photo
  • proper photo paper, based on how you will display the picture

All of that along with our Picture Perfect Guarantee. Yep, we even back up our photo prints because we know how good they are. If your prints don’t turn out like you imagined, then we will reprint them and make them right. It’s that simple.

Convenient, At-Home Ordering:

  1. Go to & Select Your Event
  2. Choose Which Photos to Print
  3. Submit Order

Your professional prints will arrive at your door within 4-5 business days of your order. No hassles about taking your camera, memory card, cd to the photo lab and then going back again to pick up the prints once they are ready.  You simply order online and they get delivered right to your door.  It really is that easy.