Recently, I was contacted by Joe over at Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique who asked me to review one of their products. With over 200 items to choose from, I settled on (or my wife, rather) the classic brown leather clutch.

When I first opened it up, I was surprised to see how much you can store in such a compact space. Technically, the clutch measures 7.3″ wide by 3.8″ tall and roughly 1″ deep but it seems to hold a lot more than expected. When opened, it has 12 designated slots for cards, 4 longer pockets that could be used for bills, papers, or other items, as well as zippered pocket to keep items from falling out (ie. coins, clips, etc.). And that’s just the inside. See?? I told you this baby packs some punch :)

When folded together, there is a long, open storage pocket along with 2 zippered pockets for additional storage.  The zippers are large enough to make them easy to pull so you aren’t fighting for grip each time you want to open the pockets. The handmade leather has a good feel to it, with the hand strap and monogrammed initials giving it a nice, contemporary touch.

All in all, what is most impressive about this clutch is the convenience, storage, and simple elegance of the design. Just as important, it will carry the added bonus of conjuring up memories from the special day it was given to you. All for only $30- not bad at all.  Check out the clutch and other great wedding gifts at