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Recently, I was contacted by Joe over at Groovy Guy Gifts, who wanted me to review one of their products. Having my pick of nearly 100 creative gifts, I opted for the Heavenly Hatchet. This bad boy measures in at 9″ long, with a blade head of 4.5″ and a blade length of 3″. What’s really great about all of these gifts, including the hatchet, is that you can customize it with a personal engraving. In this case, I chose to engrave the word “amigo,” an inside joke between a few friends of mine.

Everything comes together nicely with this hatchet: the stainless steel blade that runs all the way through the handle, the ability to engrave, the sheath, even the torx screws make for a nice touch. The hatchet feels good in the hand, with a good size – not oversized and hard to handle, not so tiny that it feels childish.

All in all, what I love about this hatchet the most is that it makes for such a unique gift that could be given at Christmas, Father’s Day, birthdays, or for your best man or groomsmen at your wedding. You can’t help but show it off to everyone who comes in the room. It’s just so different. And the price ain’t bad, either, at only $30.  Check out the hatchet and other creative gifts at

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