Boarding Soon

Off to Peru.

My 18 year-old nephew, Andrew, has decided to serve a two-year service mission for our church down in Iquitos, Peru.  I had the chance to snap a few frames of this kid the other day.  All I can say is that he is going to love his time down there and the […]

the FAM

a few recent pics of the fam…

Welcome Distraction

Just came across this blurb of Kelly Slater and just had to share it.  It’s hard to believe how far this sport has progressed, in large part due to this man.  So fun to witness it all!


Out exploring the other morning

A few frames I snapped while out discovering some new places. Love finding something new!

trees are my friends

sweet Ruby

something so imperfectly perfect about a kiddo in a diaper…

Mountain Stroll

the Wee Bakers

a few shots of the girls and their bake sale.  So much fun to see these turkeys outside at the helm!

Siri back in the day


A few pics from the archives….this was Siri a few years back upon hearing the news that we were taking her to Disneyland in the morning. Love this kiddo!