A Turkey’s Birthday

This lovely turkey turned one the day before Thanksgiving, so we decided to treat her to some pudding and whipped cream. An entire year with this lovely? Man, it goes by fast!


Pediatric Melanoma Summit. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Ruby. Ballet.


Road Trippin

I illustrated a children’s book…

So this is pretty cool. A little bit ago, my mom had an idea for a children’s book and finally convinced me to illustrate it for her. At first I was quite reluctant, since I don’t really consider myself an illustrator. Yes, I like to sketch and doodle but didn’t feel up to snuff […]

Rex man

Late night tickles

Boarding Soon

Off to Peru.

My 18 year-old nephew, Andrew, has decided to serve a two-year service mission for our church down in Iquitos, Peru.  I had the chance to snap a few frames of this kid the other day.  All I can say is that he is going to love his time down there and the […]

the FAM

a few recent pics of the fam…